Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Going Long ES and CL

went Long 2 ES just after the new homes sales data came out this morning at 1082 and unfortunately my CL were covered last night as it sold off nearly 3% this morning, i will be holding the ES with a relatively tight stop, the markets seem to be climbing back after that abysmal new home sales data which was the worst since 1963 or since new home sales data started being collected. if the markets are able to climb to positive today it could mean this pullback is near finished, if we finish on the lows we'll likely test the 1040's.. i went long 2 CL @ 75.6 (wish i had coved my shorts at the level) after the crude inventory data came out... i will keep a stop just below the lows of today

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Short CL

Short 2 CL AUG at 78.70
looking to Cover at 77 or place a trailing stop beyond 77.50

S&P 500 holds key 1103 for now

the S&P 500 ES sept contract has held the 1103 line of support for now, we could see a test up, or a complete breakdown to a much lower level... keeping stops tight